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Select Silver Base 2750
Health Sharing Plan



Select Silver + MD Elite
Health Sharing Plan 


/ month

Select Silver + MD Elite
+Lifetime Plus


Ages 0-39
Ages 0-39

/ month

  • Base Sharing Plan

  • Covers Eligible Expenses*

Ages 0-39
  • Sharing Plan

  • No Child Limit

  • PCP Elite - Outpatient / Dr. Visits

  • Preventive Services

  • Eligible Expenses*

/ month

  • Sharing Plan

  • No Child Limit

  • PCP Elite-Outpatient / Dr. Visits

  • Preventive Services

  • Lifetime Plus

  • Eligible Expenses*


Select Silver Base 2750 

Preventive Care Services        Not Included
Primary Care Visits                  Not Included
Specialists Office Visits           Not Included
Urgent Care Visits                    Not Included
In-Office X-Ray & Lab              Not Included
Fair Price Labs                          Prices start $15              
CAT Scan /MRI                          Subject to $2750 MRA
Outpatient Testing                   Subject to $2750 MRA
Outpatient Treatment             Subject to $2750 MRA
Surgery                                      Subject to $2750 MRA
Hospitalization                         Subject to $2750 MRA 
Lifetime Maximum            $1,000,000
Select Silver
Base 2750
1 Life       2 Life       Family
Age 0-39       $160       $225       $295
Age 40-49     $180       $255       $325    Age 50-59     $230       $365       $420
Age 60-64     $275       $485       $525

Select Silver Base 2750

Health Sharing Plan

Select Silver Base 2750
with PCP Elite
with Lifetime Plus

Purchase this plan if you are looking for catastrophic type coverage with a controlled monthly cost. The base Plan has a lifetime maximum coverage of $1,000,000. If you need Doctor visits included and higher lifetime maximum coverage see Bundled Options 1 and 2. Insurance products such as Dental, Vision, Accident and Critical illness can be added from Dental/Vision tab which is a separate cart from the Healthshare plan.

Bundled Option 1

Select Silver Base 2750

+MD Elite Dr. Visits 

Healthshare Base Plan plus insurance added for doctor visits and increase Maximum Lifetime Benefit to $2,000,000. You can add Dental and Vision and we recommend our accident plan add benefits for ambulance bills and other out-of-pocket expenses related to injuries. These can be added on the MD Elite check-out cart. 

Select Silver Base 
+ MD Elite
 1 Life    2 Life    3 Life   Family
Age 0-39      $299    $424     $544    $594
Age 40-49    $319    $454     $574    $624
Age 50-59    $369    $564     $669    $719
Age 60-64    $414    $684     $774    $824
Select Silver Base 2750 
+ MD Elite (Dr. Visits)
Preventive Care Services    Covered 100% w/$50
                                                Consult Fee
Primary Care Visits              $30 Consult Fee/3 per year
Specialists Office Visits       $75 Consult Fee/2 per year
Urgent Care Visits                $100 Consult Fee/2 per year
In-Office X-Ray & Lab          $50 Read Fee/3 per year
FairPrice Labs                       Prices start $15        
CAT Scan /MRI                      50% Benefit, No MRA**
Outpatient Testing               50% Benefit, No MRA**
Outpatient Treatment         Subject to $2750 MRA
Surgery                                  Subject to $2750 MRA
Hospitalization                     Subject to $2750 MRA
Lifetime Maximum    $2,000,000



If you do not

qualify for health share plans shop here: 

Bundled Option 2

Select Silver Base 2750

+MD ELITE (Dr. Visits)

+ LifeTime Plus 


Health share Base Plan plus MD Elite for doctor visits and increase your Maximum Lifetime Benefit to $3,000,000. Insurance products such as Dental & Vision can be added to your cart at the MD Elite check out. We also suggest adding our accident plan for additional benefits such as ambulance bills and other out-of-pocket expenses related to injuries. 

Select Silver Base 2750
+ MD Elite (Dr. Visits)
+Lifetime Maximum
Primary Care Service        Covered 100% w/$50
                                             Consult Fee
Primary Care Visits            $30 Consult Fee/3 per year
Specialists Office Visits     $75 Consult Fee/2 per year
Urgent Care Visits              $100 Consult Fee /2 per year 
In-Office X-Ray & Lab        $50 Read Fee/ 3 per year
FairPrice Labs                     Prices start at $15
CAT Scan / MRI                   50% Benefit, No MRA**
Outpatient Testing             50% Benefit No MRA**
Outpatient Treatment       Subject to $2750 MRA
Surgery                                Subject to $2750 MRA
Hospitalization                   Subject to $2750 MRA
Lifetime Maximum      $3,000,000
There are two (2) separate cart checkouts. 
One for the Healthshare Select Silver Base. One for the MD Elite to add doctor visits and additional $2,000,000 in coverage. Once in the MD Elite shopping cart you can add the Lifetime Plus coverage and any dental, vision, accident, critical illness you would like. 
Select Silver Base 2750
+ MD Elite       +Lifetime Plus $3,000,000
1 Life     2 Life     3 Life   Family
Age 0-39     $364     $509     $644     $719
Age 40-49   $384     $539     $674     $749
Age 50-59    $434     $649     $769     $844
Age 60-64    $479     $769     $874     $949

*Preventive and Diagnostic Colonoscopy is available under the Select Silver Health Share Plan and therefor is excluded from the MD Elite plan. 

**Item subject to $1,250 annual max benefit. ***Option 1 provides an additional $1,000,000 of coverage through MD Elite.  Option 2 provides an additional $1,000,000 of coverage through the Lifetime Plus plan. Lifetime Plus must be purchased in conjunction with the MD Elite and neither can be purchased without the Select Silver Base 2750  Plan.  The Lifetime Plus sharing benefit of $1,000,000 offered through Lifetime Plus is second to pay. Once the $1,000,000 through Lifetime Plus is exhausted, the $1,000,000 sharing benefit offered through MD Elite is third to pay. PCP and Lifetime Plus are not required but recommended. All memberships above being offered by Health Options Now are through a membership plan  at a not-for-profit community -based health share program. 

There are 3 separate
checkout  screens for
this bundle.
to complete the
package purchase.

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Go-Fund Me Option.

You don't beg for money while alive so don't ask your family to do it when you die.

Some Facts:

  • $233,610 cost to raise a child/no college

  • $312,000 cost of food family/4 for 20 years

  • Odd's of remarriage low, especially for women 

It's Simple.

We have Guaranteed Issue Life insurance. No health questions. No exams.

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What are you waiting for?

What is a 

Healthshare Plan?



Healthcare sharing ministries provide meaningful financial protection for individuals, families and businesses who want to share their healthcare expenses with other like-minded people with the goal of keeping everyone’s out-of-pocket costs low. 

Here’s How HealthSharing works:

Individuals and families who choose healthcare sharing ministries pay a monthly “sharing amount” similar to a health insurance premium. Depending on the program you choose, you can enjoy many of the same perks of traditional health insurance – perks like discounts on healthcare, limited out-of-pocket limits, and predictable monthly payments.

The Biggest Benefit - Costs Less! 

Often times even half the cost or less. PLUS



Deductibles and MRA's - Health Share plans do not have "deductibles" they have MRA's or Minimum Required Amounts and are typically a lot lower than traditional insurance deductibles. For the Select Silver the MRA is $2750 for out-of-pocket contributions. Bundled with the PCP Elite and Lifetime Benefits, we can control the cost of doctor visits and other services to provide more robust coverage and a lower out-of-pocket contribution amount for you.

What Doctors and Hospitals are included in a Health Sharing Plan?

                Any Doctor - Any Hospital is included.

This is such a huge perk its worth repeating 10 times. We have all had that urgent care or ER visit or out-of-state traveling and found ourselves with explosive medical bills that we could never have imagined possible. Membership controls pricing and negotiates in real time, if needed, to make sure the membership and you pay the least amount possible.  

Who qualifies for Health Sharing?  Healthcare sharing plans are made up of like-minded people sharing their costs. These plans aren’t held to ACA approval standards. If you smoke, drink too much, have a complex medical history, or a problem with obesity, for example, you may have trouble qualifying for a healthcare sharing plan.

Healthcare sharing plans may not necessarily require you to prove your lifestyle risks or activities, however, these plans just ask you to agree to a statement of lifestyle when you sign up and may exclude coverage for certain high-risk activities such as motor-cross racing or cliff jumping. See lifestyle guidelines here.  See Lifestyle Guidelines here.

Maximum Lifetime Coverage Options Health Options Now offers $1,000,000,  $2,000,0000 and $3,000,000 Health Sharing plans, while many competitors only offer a maximum of $1,000,000. 

Bravo! Now that's a positive change for Health Care!

 Benefits - ACA vs HealthShare


       ACA Plans

  • You can buy coverage regardless of your health

  • No lifetime limits or caps

  • Subsidies available for those who earn less than 400 percent of FPL- Federal Poverty Level.

  • You may be able to pair your plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) for tax saving


       Healthcare Sharing Ministries

  • Less Expensive

  • Lower annual costs and deductibles

  • Members / Families can share their costs with other like-minded families

  • Avoid the financial risks of not having health insurance

Drawbacks - ACA vs HealthShare


       ACA Plans

  • Plans can be expensive

  • Plans may run on narrow networks

  • Available plans depend on your state of residence

    Healthcare Sharing Ministries

  • Lifetime or annual caps on coverage

  • You can’t use an HSA

  • You need good health to qualify

You may be better off with a health share plan if...

  • You’re relatively healthy. Health sharing ministries typically don’t accept people with complex medical conditions.

  • ACA major medical plans are prohibitively expensive in your area. 

  • You’re a Christian who wants to share costs with like-minded individuals. 

  • You don’t take a lot of prescription drugs. While healthcare sharing ministries offer a minimum level of coverage if you get sick, most don’t offer comprehensive prescription drug plans.

  • You want to see any doctor or use any hospital.

  • You earn too much money to qualify for subsidies with traditional ACA plans. 

You may be better off with a traditional health insurance plan if…

  • You have a preexisting, chronic, or recurring medical condition. If you have a chronic medical condition or underlying pre-existing condition, you’ll likely need to apply for an ACA or MEC plan since healthcare sharing ministries may not accept you.

  • You take several costly prescription drugs. 

  • You qualify for subsidies with the ACA. 

  • You want to use a Health Savings Account (HSA). 

  • You don’t mind narrow network plans. 

  • While the ACA was supposed to streamline healthcare, shopping for health coverage is more complex than ever. Before you choose a plan, make sure you understand your specific needs and the risks involved with all plans considered.

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